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Welcome to Jewish Life at Lehigh University!


As the University's home for Judaism and Jewishness, we're here to help everyone find their own Jewish space at Lehigh and to serve the needs of Lehigh's Jews and non-Jews with Jewish programming, leadership and volunteer opportunities, holiday and cultural celebrations, interfaith dialogue and general support.

One of the our central efforts is breaking down the barriers that often compartmentalize a sense of Judaism and Jewishness into specific limited times and places. We aim to add a Jewish dimension to everyday life at Lehigh and work with people to integrate being Jewish into who they are in their daily lives. As a result, we typically work in partnership with other branches of the University, including the Office of Student Leadership Development, the Women's Center, the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs and the Office of Multicultural Affairs, as well as various student organizations.




The Kibbutz Lehigh community was formed in Fall 2015 to promote kosher lifestyle and the exploration of spirituality within Judaism. Kibbutz Lehigh encompasses the former "Kosher Living" special interest community, which was created on campus in 2012. The Kibbutz Lehigh community supports the University’s non-discrimination policy and commits to the Principles of Our Equitable Community.  For more information about Kibbutz Lehigh contact Residence Life in the Office of Student Affairs