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Challah Baking

Students gathering safely learning to make their own Challah!

Celebrating Hanukkah with AEPi

Enjoying sufganiyot with AEPi!

Chicken Soup to go!

Back by popular demand.

Welcome to the Lehigh University Hillel Society. 

The mission of Lehigh Hillel is to encourage student exploration of Jewish identity through cultural, religious, and Israel related programming.

Hillel Society of Lehigh University

Hillel Society of Lehigh University is a Lehigh student-run organization that gives students opportunities in leadership, cooperation and creative expression. Through the Hillel Society, students have the opportunity to develop new friendships within a Jewish context. Hillel’s mission is to actively encourage and strengthen Jewish values through a combination of religious, Zionist, and cultural programs for Lehigh’s Jewish students. Our programs include regular series dinners, holiday observances/celebrations, social events and intellectual engagement, including opportunities for learning, weekly Shabbat celebrations and social programs both on campus and with other Lehigh Valley colleges. Programs are student-initiated and student-driven, ensuring that events are focused on students’ needs and interested. For more information, please email inhil@lehigh.edu or go to https://hillel.lehigh.edu.

Hillel operates out of the Lehigh Jewish Student Center, 233 W. Packer Avenue which is the official address of all things Jewish and your Jewish "home away from home" on campus. All students may access the JSC with their ID cards 9-9 every day (later during finals weeks). There are spaces here to relax, schmooze, study and eat. The kitchen is always stocked with snacks, as well as hot and cold drinks. You can also find Shabbat leftovers there at least part of every week! Students may also cook there themselves. Just check with Rabbi Steve first.

Some of our events take place elsewhere on campus, so it's always good to check the calendar on the dedicated Hillel website or to follow us on Facebook or Instagram (lehighhillel) for more publicity and updates. You can also email injlife@lehigh.edu or call Jane Hontz, our office coordinator, at 610-758-4896 or contact Rabbi Steve Nathan, Director of Jewish Student Life, at spn217@lehigh.edu or 610-758-4875.  Tyler Katz, our Engagement and Programming Associate is here to help too.  They can be reached at trk321@lehigh.edu or 610-758-4893.

Hillel Society Weekly Newsletter

Click below or check out @lehighhillel on Facebook or Instagram for information about all past, present, and future events!